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As a leader in your organization and a professional in the community, you're seeking the most effective strategies to build relationships, boost your brand and inspire employee engagement. You want to empower the people in your organization, win the hearts and minds of your clients and customers, and harness the power of doing good to accelerate progress toward achieving your goals.

The Social Impact Benchmark's subscribing members enjoy access to exclusive workshops, educational offerings, and other peer-to-peer opportunities for high-touch exposure to emerging trends in social impact engagement.


  1. More than 94% of the incoming workforce wants to see an employer's commitment to a culture where social impact is a priority, and 90% of consumers want to see this same commitment in companies where they do business.
  2. This initiative was launched in direct response to growing demand from employees, customers and clients to see evidence that corporate leaders and professional services providers care about social impact. The Social Impact Benchmark movement started in Kansas City and is expanding rapidly to communities across the country. 
  3. As a subscriber to the Social Impact Benchmark, you'll be listed in the Social Impact Benchmark Directory. Ten thousand copies of these trendsetting magazines are aggressively distributed to targeted workforce talent demographics, as well as to corporate and civic leaders.
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