Job One

"We have three facilities that provide packaging and light assembly services, a recycling center, secure document shredding service, and federal jobs through the AbilityOne program," says JobOne's CEO, Aaron Martin. "In the last year we've also added JobOne Careers, a customized employment program to match the needs of the business community with the unique talents of our workers. Our program variation is vast, yet we are still working to become more diverse to ensure our employment options are plentiful."


"Purchasing" means buying products and services that include a charitable element. For example, do you typically buy the brand of pasta that supports food pantries across America? Do you feel good when you know that a person across the world got a new pair of shoes, too, when you bought yours? Purchasing is a terrific application of doing good in corporate settings. For example, many businesses purchase services from organizations that employ adults with developmental disabilities. And that is a gift--both to adults with developmental disabilities, and future adults with developmental disabilities like the little girl pictured here.