Financial Executives International

"As the top networking and professional development group for financial executives in Kansas City, FEI is committed to developing the next generation of finance and accounting leaders," said Stacey Frye, Past President of the FEI Kansas City chapter. "Education is central to our mission, and FEI Kansas City's annual academic awards promote excellence in the business programs at 15 universities in our region. We are happy to honor promising young people." 


"Serving" is one of the 10 Ways to Do Good. "Serving" includes being a member of a board of directors, committee, or a similar group with responsibility for ensuring that a community or civic purpose is carried out successfully. Many companies encourage employees to serve on boards of directors of local nonprofit organizations. More and more companies are also beginning to acknowledge the contributions employees are making in their personal lives through service, such as serving on the board of a neighborhood association, joining a steering committee for a school fundraiser, or being part of a civic task force.