BalancePoint Corporation

A founding principle in BalancePoint's management philosophy is Give Back. "We are blessed and compelled to serve our community," Michael says, "as well as the wider needs of children around the world." Indeed, a visit to BalancePoint's corporate headquarters confirms a culture of doing good and personal achievement for every team member. The company's values are painted artistically on the walls. BalancePoint even created the Giving Wall, a hallway devoted to celebrating the dozens of charitable organizations supported by the company and its employees--many of which are BalancePoint's clients' favorite causes. 


"Volunteering" means a hands-on contribution of your time to an organized cause or a formal initiative that helps others. Examples of employee volunteering include serving meals in a soup kitchen, sorting clothes in a homeless shelter, helping out at a school, or picking up trash on the side of the road as part of a "Keep America Clean" project.