Core Catalysts

“We ask our clients what philanthropic activities they support,” says Core Catalysts' Managing Member, Jim Wadella. “Then we seek to understand how our firm and our team can support those causes, too.” Sometimes that means the firm’s employees participate in a food drive, or volunteer time. Other times the firm writes a check or helps with a fundraiser to support a client’s favorite cause. “Our clients are more than just people who pay our invoices,” says Jim. “They have vested interests beyond the work environment.”


"Marketing" is one of the 10 Ways to Do Good. In corporate philanthropy, "marketing" means anything you do to tell your workplace colleagues about a favorite cause, whether that's recruiting people to fill a table at a gala or helping your children sell Girl Scout cookies by passing the order form around the office. The idea is that you are promoting a cause to encourage other people to support it, too. It can even be as simple as snapping a photo.