Market Imperatives: Millennials & Social Impact 

Social impact engagement is playing an increasingly important role in driving employee engagement and positive brand perception in an economy that is heavily influenced by the socially-conscious millennial mindset. 

Designed for business leaders who are anxious to organize and make the most of the social impact activities going on in the workplace, this Social Impact Seminar Package includes the following:

1. Registration for two of your organization's executives to attend an educational seminar on October 6, 2015, from 4:30 - 6:00 PM featuring the country's leading expert on marketing to millennials.

2. Two tickets to a celebration following the seminar to introduce a nonprofit organization recognized for its innovation in "caring," one of the research-based 10 Ways to Do Good, reinforcing that a commitment to your own health and wellness is essential to maintain your capacity to do good for others. 

3. A feature in the Social Impact Benchmark Directory, published in October 2015, to celebrate your organization.

4. A membership subscription for your organization to join the Social Impact Benchmark. 

Social Impact Seminar Package Registration

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