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Volunteering: Like it, love it, do more of it?

Workplace volunteering programs are gaining in popularity, and 25% of adults volunteer each year for a nonprofit organization. So how do you deal with the majority of your employees who do not regularly volunteer? These employees might not have the connections or experience to get engaged in the ways your company's program anticipates. 

Learn best practices at the Social Impact Benchmark's October Roundtable, offered on two dates and locations to accommodate our growing membership. Members, watch your inbox for your invitation. 


Summer Wrap Up Roundtable*

"Wow!  In 90 minutes, I learned more about Social Impact Culture than I'd been able to gather in 8 months of searching for information online. I especially appreciated the intimate and informal format, sitting around a table with 12 peers. Plus, I got a great lunch, thanks to the member who hosted the group at the member's really cool office. And I walked out with a gift bag. Score! In all seriousness, it was well worth my time to learn from my peers."

--Comments from a member of the Social Impact Benchmark following an August 5, 2015 roundtable

*Roundtables are private events for Social Impact Benchmark members only.