To brag, or not to brag?

Your company is doing a lot! You sponsor charity and civic events. You give employees time off to volunteer. You donate to your customers’ favorite causes. Your recycling program was up and running long before recycling was popular. Every member of your executive team serves on at least one community board or committee. Your pro bono work and product donations increase every single year. But should you talk about it? Is it too self-serving to celebrate all of that doing good by mentioning it in your public relations and marketing communications?

If that’s your question, good for you! Humility is a good thing! But what if you could stay humble and share your stories, too? Impossible? No way! Not if you’ve aligned your corporate social responsibility program (CSR) with the company’s mission. When it comes to CSR, figuring out the best mission–for the company, its employees, its customers, and the community–is a best practice, practically guaranteed to give you the ability to do good, stay humble, and spread the word. All at the same time.