They're checking you out

Americans want to work for good companies. In fact, 88% of Millennials want to work for a company that cares about how the company impacts and contributes to society. That's according to USA Today.

How about some advice for employees? Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Start by checking out the website. Does the company highlight employee giving campaigns? Matching gifts programs? Community service days? How about recycling programs, holiday food drives, event sponsorships, and giving to charity? If information like this is lacking, you might begin to question whether "doing good' is a priority.

2. Ask questions. "Doing good" is an important topic during an interview. Find out how the company engages its employees in a positive workplace culture through philanthropy and giving back. If you are already an employee, ask your colleagues or your manager. Does the company have a formal program? Is there a calendar of events and opportunities to participate? Does the employer support employee-driven fundraisers--collecting used clothing, dropping coins in a jar to signal support for finding a cure for a disease, or offering employees a way to lend a helping hand to each other?

3. Look for evidence of celebration. Does the company celebrate doing good, or are "doing good" activities buried in the clutter of the day-to-day? Savvy companies are beginning to capture all of their "doing good" activities in one place--on a poster or in a booklet or online--so that the employees' collective social impact is woven into a positive workplace culture.