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Early results are in! Already 11 members of the Social Impact Benchmark have taken the Social Impact Benchmark Leadership Profile Survey. We're compiling the data for the 2016 release of the Social Impact Benchmark Leadership Profile Report. 

If you've not yet taken the two-minute survey, there's still time. The password is lemoncake. Yum!  



What is the single most important piece of information you are missing to make your company's social impact program a success?

Metrics on how our social impact contributes to the bottom line.

Regional and national benchmarking.  What are others doing and how do we compare?  Specifically, what are other companies LIKE US (high-growth, high-tech, etc.) doing.  Harder to sink our teeth into benchmarking when comparing our involvement with other VERY different companies and cultures.

Attention and time to execute

Individual worker productivity gains with associates who are encouraged by their company leadership toward generosity and community giving both in and out of the work environment.  This could make it easier to help all levels of the workforce understand the wonderful synergies from giving and that giving has a multiplying effect not a subtraction effect.  

analytical data; understanding the impact better - and being provided more detailed results.

Measurement of success

The ways staff are already engaged in making an impact - to celebrate and disseminate.

Since we are out of the immediate KC area, finding time/people to support charities in Kansas City/Johnson County.  It's easier for our Company to support local charities that are not mainstream or larger within the main city.

employee's causes

Time, being a small company we are pulled in so many directions and have to wear so many hats. All of this, can sometimes monopolize our time and not allow us to have the impact we desire.

Feedback from employees