Is your director of recycling self-appointed?

Who's in charge of going green at your company? Do you know? Is there such a person? Maybe it's nobody. Maybe it's even you!

In lots of companies, employees are doing everything they can to create a socially responsible lifestyle in the workplace to match the socially responsible lifestyle they lead outside of work. And that includes respecting the environment. It’s not uncommon for leadership to emerge from within the employee base, with two or three employees making sustainability their personal mission, sending out email reminders to turn off lights, ensuring that every desk has a recycling bin right next to it, even replacing plastic forks and knives in the breakroom with real silverware to cut down on waste.

In light of the fact that 86 percent of young employees would consider leaving an employer if the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) values no longer met their expectations, self-appointed employee leadership can be a very good thing in a company. But how can an employer encourage employee leadership and still keep the business humming along, optimizing human resources toward the company’s bottom line? That is the question!