Executive Impact Series

The Executive Impact Series is a workshop offering produced and hosted by members of the Social Impact Benchmark exclusively for other subscribing members. If you're a subscribing member, your peers will personally notify you about the dates, times and locations of member-only educational events.

2015 highlights


The bottom line is important, but how does today's trend toward "doing good" fit in? Emerging research suggests that a Social Impact Culture plays a powerful role in building employee engagement and workplace performance. Attendees learned key statistics that influence their own performance and the performance of their organizations.

"Now I understand the elements of a Social Impact Culture and what my organization's Social Impact Culture Type means to achieving business goals," said an attendee. "I walked away with three easy tips that I can implement right away to increase performance and brand." 

emerging imperatives in wealth management & legacy planning

You've heard the term "impact investing," but what does it really mean? And what does it mean to your business, especially if you're a wealth manager or an attorney committed to growing your practice and staying current on the tools that will meet the demands of your clients? 

More than 90% of heirs will terminate the relationship with their parents' advisors. Ouch. But it doesn't have to be that way, especially if you tap the power of social impact and philanthropy to build loyalty with the community-minded next generation. 

In this workshop, participants learned why impact investing can be a powerful tool to build a practice and professional brand, retain clients across generations, and increase assets under management.


How can your organization utilize Story to more effectively lead, inspire, sell, collaborate, and drive results? 

Storytelling is one of the hottest topics in the marketplace today. Thanks to proven neuroscience that shows us how people are influenced and buy, businesses are finally recognizing the power of this 95,000+ year old practice. Storytelling lets people know what your business can offer in a memorable way that connects you to your customers and also makes them think and act. But Storytelling is just one piece of the “whole story.” What's the rest? Christine Miles, principal at CI Squared based in Philadelphia, showed us.    

At this workshop on March 4, 2015, you and your Benchmark peers learned the importance of gathering and telling a compelling story to drive audience engagement. You found out how the “secret sauce” of Story creates authentic, emotional connections that drive employee and brand engagement, leading to greater success.

And you loved it! Thank you for the feedback and comments. One of you wrote that Christine was "the best speaker topic and presenter [we] have seen in a long, long time. The topic of story telling is very important not only to our organization, but also with prospective clients." We also heard this: "Very informative discussion, I believe we both took away a great piece of new knowledge and understanding of how stories can impact the messages we share." Keep the feedback and ideas coming. We want your experience as a member of the Social Impact Benchmark to be nothing short of extraordinary.