As a leader in your organization, you're seeking the most effective strategies to inspire employee engagement.

The Social Impact Benchmark is a community initiative offering research-based solutions for leaders who embrace best practices in corporate social responsibility ("CSR"). Participating organizations enjoy preferred access to insights and emerging tools to captivate people and inspire the values and culture to ignite growth.

Empowering the humanity in everyone leads to greater personal success and organizational results.


So why sign up?

1. 94% of the incoming workforce wants see an employer's commitment to a culture where social impact is a priority, and 90% of consumers want to see this same commitment in companies where they do business.

2. This initiative was launched in direct response to growing demand from employees to see evidence that their corporate leaders care about social impact. It will grow rapidly in Kansas City and beyond. 10,000 copies of the magazine are aggressively distributed to this target demographic. 

3. At just $250 to sign up, why take on the risk of not being listed?